Triumph Bonneville Competition WINNER

STRANGLERSPRESOOur competition to win this stunning ‘Stranglers 40th Anniversary’ edition Triumph Bonneville has come to an end.  We asked the guys that ran the competition for us to explain how the winner is selected.  Here’s what they told us…

“All valid postal entries and valid SMS entries were added to a spreadsheet and given their own unique ID. In total we had 5758 valid entries, so the ID range was from 1 to 5758. Using a sql server random number generator function we select a random number from this range. (sql server code select cast((rand()*5758) as int)+1). This selection was witnessed by a colleague, the winning ID was 2993 and this entry was selected from the spreadsheet where the ID was 2993.”

So there you have it… At least we know it’s a randomly selected result.  As soon as we knew the winner’s details we tried contacting them by phone, but typically we ended up going straight to voicemail. It’s now several hours later and we still haven’t managed to tell the lucky winner the great news.

When we do finally get hold of them, we’ll be inviting them to join us at our Ashford showroom next Tuesday (9th Sept) at 1pm when Jean-Jacques Burnel of the legendary Stranglers will be presenting them with the bike.

triumph bonneville competition

Someone out there has won this Bonneville – they just don’t know it yet…

A bit about the bike itself… The Stranglers Bonneville was specially commissioned by Jack Lilley Ltd to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of The Stranglers, one of the UK’s favourite bands. Painted in a unique colour scheme with ‘Stranglers’ graphics (a striking combination in black, white and red), the bike has also been signed by the band members adding to bike’s collectability.  Lacquer has been applied to preserve their autographs.

You can see more photos of the bike on our PINTEREST BOARD.

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