Throwback Thursday – Restored ’93 Rover Mini

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re bringing you some photos of a freshly restored 1993 Rover Mini, one of the last carburettor models. Why are we featuring a car restoration rather than a motorcycle? Firstly because we know a lot of our customers are just as interested in old cars as they are old bikes. And secondly, because this car is owned by our After Sales manager, Clive Watson, who spent 2 and a half years of evenings and weekends working on its restoration. The car was completely stripped down to the last nut and bolt and rebuilt by Clive. He carried out all the restoration work himself with the exception of the paintwork. The end result is a stunning car that really does look like new – the attention to detail is amazing. Scroll down the page to see all the photos.


Paintwork was carried out by a local firm. The paint is Nissan graphite metallic, often found on the Nissan 350 Z.


Many new parts were used in the restoration. New bumpers were snapped up for just £20.


Luxury interior. The wooden dash and door cappings are original. Piped seat covers look like leather but are actually vinyl.


Engine bay is spotless and shows amazing attention to detail – note the Unipart sticker on the air filter cover.


Another view of that lovely walnut dash.


Minilite style wheels suit the car perfectly.


Rear 3/4 view – see that paintwork gleam!


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