Throwback Thursday – Early Days of Jack Lilley Ltd

Front_Cover_Issue_13Back in 1999, Jack Lilley Ltd was celebrating it’s 40th year in business and to mark this milestone, Steve Lilley wrote down his memories of the company’s early days and it’s progress throughout the 40 years.  The result was a 4-part serial of stories which were published in the Jack Lilley magazine ‘The Trident’.  We’ve pulled the magazines out of the archives, scanned the relevant pages and now bring you the 1st instalment of this fascinating look at the history of Jack Lilley Ltd, in which we learn that the first date shown in the ledger book of the company was 19th February 1959 (exactly 56 years ago today).

We’ll be publishing the subsequent instalments every Thursday for the next 3 weeks.  We hope you enjoy reading them.

Just click on the image below to enlarge for easier reading.


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