Where will you ride this weekend?

We’ve managed to grab some exclusive marketing photos of the new special edition Speed Triple 94 – a tribute to the original Triumph Speed Triple from the early 1990s.

The Speed Triple 94 comes in 2 of the most popular original Speed Triple colours: Racing Yellow and Jet Black and features some neat retro styling touches in tribute to the original design (we love the ‘Speed Triple’ logos which use the same font as the original version).

Call our sales team on 08433 833133 (Ashford) or 08433 833134 (Romford) for more information about the Speed Triple 94.  Meanwhile, we hope these ‘action’ shots of the Speed Triple 94 might inspire you to take your own bike for an amazing ride this weekend.

MY16_Speed_Triple_R_94_FA_11_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_FA_02_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_FA_03_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_FA_05_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_FA_07_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_FA_10_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_PG_01_RT MY16_Speed_Triple_R_PG_09_RT


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