Steve Walton at Elvington


This is Steve Walton, salesman at the Romford branch of Jack Lilley Ltd, riding his Suzuki Hayabusa at a recent sprint event at Elvington.  Steve explains “This was a non-competitive event at Elvington (where Richard Hammond had his big crash) where I took part in what they term a ‘Flyers’ event which is basically a top speed run event. On my ‘daily ride’ Hayabusa which only has an aftermarket exhaust and air filter (and an ECU reflash to remove the limiter) I achieved a genuine 196.3mph through the timing beams hitting the rev limiter in top gear. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any alternative gearing with me soI wasn’t able to attempt to try and reach the magic 200mph but maybe next time!  Fastest speed recorded on the day was by Mike Grainger of GT Motorcycles in Plymouth who hit 242mph on his Hayabusa although he had the benefit of it being fitted with a turbocharger!”

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