Throwback Thursday – NVT Rambler

nvt12022001Does anyone remember the NVT Rambler trailbike from the late 1970s?  NVT (the Norton Villiers Triumph organisation) were looking to market a small capacity trailbike and reached an agreement with Yamaha to supply them with the 125cc and 175cc engines that were fitted to Yamaha’s popular DT range.

THE NVT Rambler was thus born – eventually morphing into the BSA Tracker by 1978.  Like the Yamaha, the NVT had monoshock rear suspension.  The engine and electrics were Japanese whilst all the cycle parts hailed from Italy. The bikes were assembled in the UK.

The NVT suffered by comparison to the Yamaha however, with contemporary road tests criticising its slightly cramped riding position (the footrests were set much higher than on the Yamaha) and low gearing.  In general the bike didn’t stack up alongside the Japanese competition of the time, such as the Suzuki TS range and Kawasaki KE range, and production ended in 1979 after a 4-year run.

NVT also produced the Easy Rider moped including a “sixteener” version with pedals

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