A Trip to Bikeshed MCC – a review by Ken Kirby

After it’s starring role in the launch of the new Bonneville range, The Bikeshed MCC has become one of the hottest venues in the UK for the keen retro motorcyclist. Ken from Romford rode to Shoreditch to take a look. And eat a burger!

Bikeshed07In its rawest format what is Bikeshed MCC? It’s a collection of 4 brick built arches under the mainline railway in Old Street, Shoreditch London. These have been stripped back to their former glory, and treated to a brand new lease of life.

That’s the framework. What fits into it is the most modern, fresh and stylish concept that is set to be the “way forward” for our sport, hobby and lifestyle.

Bikeshed has been the brainchild of “Dutch” and Vikki van Someren. Team “Dutch” have been toiling away tirelessly, progressively building the BSMCC brand from a few folks that have that burning passion we all share, to a membership “must have” that the world is clamouring for.

The decor of the club is bare brick, exposed trunking, leather and natural wood. Lighting has been particularly well thought out with pendant over head fittings and discreetly down lit counters and bar. It’s all about the ambiance enhanced with beautiful leather tuck and rolled couches and seats. The venue feels special and exclusive.

However, Dutch and Vikki have created a “bikey” feel too. The rider is instantly comfortable within the space and attention is drawn to the custom builds, exquisite concept machines and the retail area that is filled with carefully selected “modern retro” designs and riding gear.

The food is robust, well thought out and features fresh ingredients skilfully sourced and prepared. Bikeshed have created a “tight” menu offering an uncluttered choice.

I can heartily recommend the Burger! Do have the bacon as well. It’s not bacon as we know it but salted and cured in house pork belly. You could eat a plate of the stuff! Delicious!

All this accompanied by a drinks menu that is exceptional on quality with locally inspired guest ales and porters. The “Old Engine Oil” looked impressively like a glass of old engine oil but had it’s consumer suitably licking his chops after taking a swig.

As part of our 2016 RAT programme Jack Lilley Romford will be running to the venue every quarter and after the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride in September for a convivial dinner after the event.

Put Thursday 21st January for our first visit in your dairies.


Bikeshed01 Bikeshed02 Bikeshed03 Bikeshed04 Bikeshed05 Bikeshed06 Bikeshed07

For more information on the new Bonneville & Thruxton range, call our sales team on 01784 420421 (Ashford) or 01708 752111 (Romford).  We are taking orders for the new bikes now.

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