Rider Modes on the new Triumph Explorer

The new Tiger Explorer range makes full use of Triumph’s Rider Mode technology to offer a choice of rider modes, depending on the model.  One of these modes is programmable by the rider to suit the riding style, road and weather conditions.

Each Rider Mode changes the engine map, the levels of ABS and Traction Control, and where fitted, the damping set-up of the Triumph Semi-Active Suspension system TSAS (which is fitted to the XRX, XCX, XRT and XCA).



This mode maximises comfort and riding pleasure, particularly over long distances.  The ABS and Traction Control settings ensure great stability and optimise braking over paved surfaces.  The engine map is set to make the most of the smooth delivery of power over asphalt or similar surfaces.  The TSAS will provide the optimal setting for road use.


This mode is specifically for use over wet or slippery surfaces.  The engine map reduces power to make the bike more stable in wet conditions.  The Traction Control setting minimises rear wheel slip for additional control, while the ABS setting prevents wheel lock-up, avoiding uncontrolled skids.  The TSAS features a soft set-up to improve grip.



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