The EICMA Motorcycle Show, Milan 2015


The EICMA (pronounced “Ike Ma”) Motorcycle Show in Milan has always been the season “Kick Off” and the biggest, most diverse exhibition on the planet. The site is monstrous with the show goer having to walk a good quarter of a mile before even getting to the front reception of the 5 halls crammed with every manufacturer that the industry has to offer.

The event is normally the springboard for the new and eagerly awaited models from prominent providers and fresh, exciting accessories from our third party partners.

The show is never a disappointment and well worth the trip over to Malpensa to attend.

Emilan 056ven though the show is spread over a vast area, it is packed with people and getting about is always a challenge. The difference between a British show and the event abroad holds quite a different approach. At the UK NEC exhibition we are more reserved, restrained and polite. We tend to “skirt” around folks so as not to bump into them making their progress around the stands a lot less stressful and enjoyable.

The Italians are totally the opposite! It’s hilarious! They stand and wave their arms about like windmills shouting words that end with “o’s” and “inis” with raw passion and enthusiasm. They absolutely love the bikes and can’t wait to get on them and feel the machine. The Ducati stand was like Mecca (Not the Bingo) attracting hoards of rampaging Ducatista’s with a few bemused Brits in the middle of it all being spun around like tops. Toast of the stand? The super “Baby Scrambler” in it’s orange and black “62” version was a really pretty little bike. Ducati put the bike into a “half pipe” and bolted on a skateboard carrier. Cooool!

They also threw a couple of big oversized bean bags on the floor. This was a very good idea. The show goers had somewhere soft to fall when they tripped over them because they were looking at the bikes!

milan 067A temptation would be to detail every manufacturer’s stands and products. However, with the contents of the show coming to NEC in a more compressed state and then compressing further for EXCEL, it would be prudent to pick out a few elements to narrate and leave the rest to manifest itself in the UK.

The whole reason for the visit was to have a detailed look and feel of the new and exciting range offered by our very own Triumph Motorcycles. They did not disappoint! Where do you start? The factory has been somewhat quiet for a while with updates and special editions to the existing models and the inclusion of superb finance options with comprehensive accessory packages to keep the Triumph owner happy.

We thought it would be imminent that Hinckley would debut a new Bonneville range with the rumours being rife for the best part of a year. Never thought it was going to be as comprehensive as it was though.

Not only did we have what was in effect a 5 model Bonneville launch but also got an incredible 2 Speed Triple Models and 8 Explorers!

001All Jack Lilley customers that have already placed their orders for the bikes have pulled off an incredible coup by acting fast as delivery dates are going back very rapidly. The Thruxton R is proving to be the most sought after order and you can see why.

From the Street Twins up to the Thruxton R the level of detail is amazing! Triumph is creating a premium blend of cycle parts married to superior design elements that take the marque forward tens of years. The feel of the bikes oozes quality which is beautifully demonstrated by the look of the top yoke of the Thruxton R. You would take it off and definitely hang on the wall.

The factory have released a brimming portfolio of accessories that can be brought together as “Inspiration Packs” or individually added to the chassis to create a mix worthy of any custom build house on the planet.

To pick one line, the options for seats are exceptional. The “diamond cross cut and tuck” in brown looks fantastic, and displays the essence of today’s subtle individualising that we at Jack Lilley have been championing for years!

The new engines, with rider focussed electronics push the boundaries of the models ever forward and supply great control features that will inspire every owner.

The same goes for the new range of Explorers too. With a sharp new look and extensive technology, the bike tailors itself to any situation dialled in from the cockpit. The XRX Low is particularly worth a look as it opens up the model to those amongst us who are “leggily challenged” but want to follow the adventure bike route. It’s perfect!

014The “Newbie” class completes with the awesome Speed Triple. The bike is supplied in two formats with the “S” carrying a pared down specification to the R version. The 1050 motor is beefed up, lightened up and “tooled up” to produce one of the most thrilling and engaging rides that the model has ever provided. It is amazing!

Everytime the factory redesigns the bike you think it cannot make it any more superb than it already is. Then they go straight ahead and do it! The guys at Hinckley have done it again. The Speed feels “fitted” and purposeful in it’s stance and offers it’s rider a comprehensive electronic spell book of wizardry that makes the machine even more confidence inspiring than it’s predecessor.

Triumph really did have the edge on the manufacturers again this year and has shown the industry players a clean pair of heels when it comes to taking iconic heritage and turning it into contemporary flair.

The sheer number of scrambler style bikes on offer is indicative of the influence that the Hinckley factory has over it’s larger competitors. Even Harley Davidson had 3 scrambler styled bikes at the show! At first glance, the Harley doesn’t work and can be all too quickly dismissed as non starter. On second look, it actually is quite believable.

Other notable Scrambler designs are the BMW Nine – T with it’s seamed aluminium tank and the Yamaha Motociclismo.

However, the Husky concept 701 is a beauty! It’s aggressively styled, with great attention to detailing and has eyebrow raising potential that caught a few folks out as they walked past the stand.

The Milan show is a fantastic trip and gives an insight into up and coming trends within the biking community and definitely gets the body ready for the rigors of the UK scene.

Going next year?

You bet!

Article written by Ken Kirby  

Here’s a selection of photos from the show:



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