Vivid Memories Occasionally

Here’s the first entry in our writing competition!  This piece comes from Tim Hayton and is entitled ‘Vivid Memories Occasionally’.


I’m no spring chicken though my mind is stuck at 25. Been riding bikes for over forty years and had a couple of ‘offs’ in that time. One which has stayed with me is losing the front wheel while going to work one morning. Though it was back in 1984 it’s as clear as day. All accidents have risk and this one was minimal, taking a slow bend at 15mph. A bit of oil or something like that on a road which was damp. Front wheel moved away resulting in me and the bike going down. Was separated from the bike as I hit the ground with both of us sliding along the road to a halt. Did not hit anything other than the road and no traffic coming the other way so the outcome was okay other than £1k worth of damage to a bike which was less than a year old and bruising to my side and hand. The helmet and leathers took the damage for me. So what’s the point of this piece?

One event of little consequence (luckily) has outlasted memories of my children when young and my marriage (shameful).

To this day the abiding memory is one of me sliding along the ground at slow motion watching the bike catch me up and thinking “#%&* the bike is going to hit me”. This did not happen and we stopped together. Though it was over in seconds, felt like minutes, has lasted 31 years!

Currently running a 32 year old Honda VF750sc and a Thunderbird 1700 which has just had a big bore kit installed by Jack Lilleys. – Tim Hayton


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2 thoughts on “Vivid Memories Occasionally

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