The Triumph Bonneville Reborn

Great article featuring some nice photos of the new Bonneville range.

Moto Adventurer

MotoADVR_IronPonyShowroomOn more than one occasion I’ve mentioned I’m clearly in the tank for Triumph Motorcycles. Obviously, the launch of the completely new Triumph Bonneville line is a “must-see” for a Triumph die-hard like myself. Considering that family obligations may keep me from getting up to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show this year, I caught wind that Iron Pony Motorsports in Columbus was hosting a Bonneville Reborn showing last week, so I sped over there after work.

Several other media outlets have covered the new Bonneville Launch in great detail, however I’ve yet to see accurate pricing or horsepower specs, but I figured I’d share more imagery with the masses.

2016 Triumph Bonneville Street TwinMotoADVR_StreetTwinBlack

I’m a big fan of the new mag wheels; with maintenance friendly solid paint (vs. machined two-tone), I’m sold.

MotoADVR_StreetTwinBlack2Stainless pipes also look awesome, especially as the previous generation Bonnie pipes blued almost overnight.

The new blacked…

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