5 Tips on Safe Winter Riding


Welcome to the first in our short series of ‘5 Tips’ articles which we’ll be publishing over the next few Fridays.  This week we’ve spoken to Sgt. Jon Elvidge from the Metropolitan Police Roads and Transport policing command at Chadwell Heath and one of the Bikesafe London team that run courses from our Romford branch.  Here’s his top 5 tips for safe winter riding:

1/ Stay relaxed.  Riding tensed up will make you ride erratically. The tyres are better than you think.

2/ Head up / vision up.  Imagine casting a fishing line as far down the road as you can and identify hazards as you reel in your line looking for puddles, ice, rainbows of oil / diesel and other debris and obstructions on the roadsurface.

3/ Road position.  Stay out of the gutter, watch the wet slippery white lines, pick a dry line if possible and safe to do so.

4/ Smoooooooooth acceleration, Smooooooooth and progressive braking.  Take more time to plan using your extended vision. No harsh excessive manoeuvres.

5/ Anticipate erratic driving by car/van/lorry drivers especially with frosty or steamed up windows. Give them a wide birth where possible.


Look out for our next ‘5 Tips’ next Friday.  We’ll be looking at 5 top tips for keeping your bike in good condition through the winter.  See you next week…


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