Triumph Street Twin First Ride

Triumph Street Twin Initial Ride – by Matt Dawson 


I cannot tell you how exciting it was on Friday morning to see the Brand new Triumph Street Twin unloaded at our Jack Lilley Romford Store. Here is a bike that we having been waiting for with baited breath and it didn’t disappoint.  I had the dreadful chore 😉 of taking our Demonstrator at the weekend to put a few miles on it to see what I thought.

Friday’s commute home gave me an excellent insight into how well balanced and smooth the Street Twin is in all road conditions. The first impression of the Slip Assist clutch was light, precise and slick. It makes gear changes just brilliant!


The sound of the all new 900 Twin is retro, crisp and silky smooth. It really doesn’t feel anything like the current motor and certainly isn’t slow. On third gear overtakes a crack of the throttle makes the bike really fly. The delivery is smooth and predictable and feels like there is plenty more power if needed.

I headed down towards Surrey and Sussex on a typical dreary January day. My first stop being Boxhill at Ryka`s Cafe for a warming cuppa and a bacon and egg roll. It gave me a chance to process my thoughts on the first stretch. I was already feeling impressed and waiting to ride again.

Half an hour later I was pointing the Street Twin towards Ockley on the A29. It’s a beautiful bit of road which gave me the chance to pull in at various locations to snap a few shots of the bike. The Street glistened in its 2 tone Aluminium silver livery and jet black side panels.

Heading towards Bognor I was scrolling through the comprehensive array of information of the new clock cluster. The mixture of the classically styled speedo and modern day digital readouts is without compromise. It provides literally everything you need. The bike even has Hazard warnings positioned on the right hand side exactly where your thumb would locate it.

Getting back on the road, I turned my attention to the actual feel of the bike which was nothing short of bloody brilliant! The comfy new seat offered me enough lumber support for my skinny ass.

Perfect bar position, sporty yet traditional. The handling and suspension gave me a reassured feel to the twisty bits of roads and the odd cow pat scenario. The new Pirelli tyres offered great feel between me and the tarmac.

I stopped at Bognor for a wee and a tea, and really by this point I was starting to really gel with the machine.

After lunch I headed back towards Bramley In Surrey. The A281 which steams towards Guildford is a fave bit of road with me and provides the perfect balance of looping fast bends coupled to fantastic quick overtaking opportunities that the Street Twin was only too happy to participate in. What made it even more enjoyable was the sound from the newly designed tuned exhaust system. The bike sounds tough, purposeful and had a brilliant burble. The captivating roar at higher revs mixed with the beat of the 270 degree crankshaft was intoxicating!

I was smitten!

Around tea time I found myself back in London edging my way through the traffic. With this bike, 2nd or 3rd gear will smoothly trickle you along. Brakes work in a very confident way and having the added ABS system only re-assures you even more. I finally pulled up at home, stepped off the bike and by this point I decided I have done the right thing by ordering one for myself.

What colour? Out of the 5 available, Aluminium Silver is the one for me. My custom choice for the bike is a Scrambler Brat Pack Inspiration mix with subtle engine mods and L.E.D. Short indicators. As I can never leave it at that, the further options from the vast Triumph accessory suite will always be bedtime reading.

So there you go, take it out, love it you won’t be disappointed. – Matt Dawson



Join us from 6.45pm at either branch for the unveiling of the all new Bonneville Street Twin.  There will be mulled cider and cheese & biscuits available for you and we’ll be revealing the new bikes at 7pm.  It’s a free event, but we’d be grateful if you could sign up to attend just to give us an indication of numbers.

Sign up for the Ashford event here.

Sign up for the Romford event here.




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