5 Tips on Winter Riding Kit


Welcome to the third in our short series of ‘5 Tips’ articles which we’ll be publishing over the next few Fridays.  This week we’re focusing on essential winter riding kit.

1/ Gloves :  Are your gloves a good fit and are they warm enough for winter riding? Gloves are probably one of the cheapest items of your bike kit so it’s worth investing in a good pair of waterproof gloves specifically for winter use.  Heated gloves are also available – perfect if your bike doesn’t have heated grips.

2/ Boots:  Use a waterproof polish to keep leather supple and offer good rain protection.   Check soles are still firmly attached as the glues used in construction can perish over time.  Replace worn or frayed laces.

3/ Jackets & trousers:  Do your jacket and trousers still give good waterproofing protection?  If not, there are various products available to restore their waterproof qualities.  Aerosol or brush-on waterproofing products are available – pay special attention to seam areas.  Check zips run smoothly – rub with wax to keep them supple. Leather can be re-waterproofed easily.

4/ Staying visible:  Consider investing in a waterproof hi-viz jacket and overtrousers.  Or a Brightvest – all will give you more chance of being seen when you’re out and about.

5/ Helmet – How old is your helmet? Most helmet manufacturers recommend replacing a helmet once it’s 5 years old.  Is the visor clean and free from scratches? There are some good cleaning and anti-misting products available.  If your visor is badly scratched, replace it.

Look out for our next ‘5 Tips’ next Friday.  We’ll be looking at 5 top tips for riding off-road.  See you next week…


brightvest rainjacket rainjacket_fluoro rainjeans
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