5 Tips on Off-Road Riding


Welcome to the fourth in our series of ‘5 Tips’ articles.  This week we’ll be focusing on off-road riding.  Do you ride a Triumph Tiger, Scrambler or Explorer and fancy a go at off-road riding?  Here are the 5 key tips to consider before hitting the dirt…


1/ There’s a good chance you may have a spill or two when riding off-road so be sure to wear some decent protective clothing – a jacket with body armour, trousers with knee protectors and a pair of sturdy boots.

2/ We wouldn’t advise riding alone – instead, ride in a small group.  It makes sense to tell someone your proposed route before setting off and don’t forget your (fully-charged) mobile phone.

3/ If you come across water when out on the trails, don’t just plough on through and hope for the best.  Check it’s depth with a stick first.

4/ Always be courteous to other trail users – walkers, mountain bikers, horse riders etc.  If your bike is particularly noisy, pull over and kill the engine to let horse riders pass.

5/ Finally, when you return from your green-laning expedition, chances are your bike will be filthy.  It’s good practice to spend a few minutes washing the bike down while the mud is still fresh – this will save you a lot of time.  Try doing it several days later when the mud has hardened and it will take a lot longer to clean.

See you next Friday.


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