Press Release – New Triumph Explorer


EDITED_1510_ExpXRT_rear 3-4_0001-1

More torque, power and performance

– Powered by a 139PS 1,215cc triple engine
– Delivers an outstanding 123Nm of torque throughout the rev range
– The most powerful shaft-driven engine in the adventure segment
– 5% improvement in fuel economy

State-of-the-art rider focused technology featuring:

– The latest generation Optimised-Cornering ABS and Traction Control
– Linked ABS with new Hill Hold function
– Up to five Riding Modes including Rider programmable

Superior riding experience featuring:

– Advanced chassis with WP branded Triumph Semi-Active Suspension
(TSAS) with auto-levelling rear preload (XCX, XCA, XRX, XRT models)
– Torque assist clutch

More purposeful, beautiful and distinctive styling including:

– Advanced levels of aero protection
– More contemporary and distinctive styling
– Higher quality finish and detailing

More choice including:

– Low seat options for the XRx and XCx models
– More options for riders to really tailor to their needs
– A Tiger Explorer for every adventure
– More accessible to all with low seat variants

The new Tiger Explorer family features six new models, plus two low seat variants
offering even greater accessibility. It is the ultimate transcontinental adventure
motorcycle for riders who are looking for their ultimate adventure – whether it’s on
the daily ride to work or that once-in-a-lifetime journey.

The range takes every standard in the adventure segment – power, performance,
technology and styling – and raises it to a level that allows every rider to choose exactly
the right model and set-up for their individual requirements.


The power comes from a unique engine in this sector: a 12 valve, 1,215cc, in-line three cylinder unit that generates 139PS at 9,300rpm, and delivers 123Nm of torque at 6,200rpm. To make the best use of that power, the new Tiger Explorer makes use of a
hydraulic, torque assist clutch reducing lever effort and long-term rider fatigue. All models feature a six speed gearbox in which the top gear is set high to make cruising
long distances even easier and more fuel efficient. They all feature the additional benefit of a low-maintenance final shaft drive. The new Tiger Explorer also features a new exhaust system that not only helps with the engine performance and achieving compliance with the Euro 4 emissions standard, but also gives the family a distinctive, refined exhaust note that adds to the rider’s pleasure. Finally, the new engine developments result in an increase of 5% in fuel economy over the previous Explorer model.


The chassis featured in the six models has been designed to add a new dynamic to adventure rides. 48mm WP forks with adjustable rebound and compression damping
achieve the highly desirable balance of comfort and control. To maximise high level control under braking, the entire range is equipped with twin 305mm floating discs,
Brembo monobloc four-piston radial calipers at the front, and a single 282mm disc, 2-piston sliding brake at the rear.

The dynamic characteristics of the chassis are further emphasised by the groundbreaking
Triumph Semi Active Suspension (TSAS) fitted to the XRx, XRT, XCx and XCA variants that allows the rider to electronically control the adjustment of the front and rear suspension damping, which automatically adapts the RSU preload settings to reflect the roughness of the ground being covered.


A key part in the effectiveness of the innovative TSAS is the Tiger Explorer’s Central
Control Unit (CCU) and its Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that, between them,
measure and respond to the movement status of the motorcycle. Sensors monitor:

Pitch Rate Vertical Acceleration
Yaw Rate Lateral Acceleration
Roll Rate Longitudinal Acceleration

Using this information and a complex algorithm, the CCU calculates the optimum lean angle for the bike, ensuring greater stability that optimises the performance of the ABS and traction control, especially when cornering.


Precise handling and active safety are at the centre of the rider-focused technology that features throughout the Tiger Explorer family.

The entry-level Tiger Explorer XR and XC feature multi-channel ABS and Traction Control, while the other models offer Optimised-cornering ABS and Traction Control that, by monitoring the lean angle when cornering, makes sure that the brake force and ABS, if needed, are distributed to their optimum effect. This ensures superb stability and control, even when negotiating the tightest corners.

The Tiger Explorer XRT and Tiger Explorer XCA also offer the additional safety of an innovative Hill Hold control, supplied by Continental, that makes starting up hill, even
when fully loaded easy – avoiding the risk of unwanted, and worrying, rolling back.


The new Tiger Explorer family makes full use of Triumph’s impressive Riding Mode
technology to offer a choice of up to five Riding Modes, depending on the model. The choice allows the rider to select a mode with several critical performance parameters adjusted to suit the prevailing road and weather conditions. A selection can be made quickly and simply, even when in motion. Each Riding Mode changes the engine map, the levels of ABS and the Traction Control, and, if fitted, the damping setup of the TSAS system.


ROAD – Maximises comfort and riding pleasure, particularly over long distances. The ABS  and Traction Control settings ensure great stability and safe braking on paved surfaces. The engine map is set to make the most of the smooth delivery of power over asphalt or
similar surfaces. The TSAS (if fitted) will provide the optimal setting for road use, with
the RSU instantly reacting to bumps. Available on all Explorer models.

RAIN – Specifically conceived for use over wet and slippery surfaces. The engine map reduces power and provides a gradual response to make the bike more manageable in
wet conditions.  The Traction Control setting minimises rear wheel slip for enhanced control, while the Road setting of the ABS prevents lock-up, avoiding
uncontrolled skids. The TSAS (if fitted) features a soft set-up to improve grip. Available on all Explorer models.

OFF-ROAD – Designed to ensure riding fun on unpaved roads. The linear throttle response, the restrained control intervention of the Traction Control setting
and the ABS being disengaged at the rear when the footbrake pedal is operated. The TSAS system has been specifically calibrated for this mode, optimising the damping response for enhanced control in off-road conditions. Available on Explorer XRX, XCX, XRT & XCA.

SPORT – Exploits the full potential of the Tiger Explorer’s triple engine by providing a more direct throttle response. The setting of the ABS ensures excellent braking performance on paved surfaces, while the dedicated Sport setting of the traction control
reduces the rear wheel lift control, compared to the road setting, for more dynamic
rides. The TSAS system provides a firm damping to take on even the most twisting roads. Available on Explorer XRT & XCA.

RIDER CONFIGURABLE – The perfect setting for more experienced riders as it can be fully customised and remembers the rider’s preferred settings, even when ABS and traction control are switched off.  For security and safety reasons, the Riding Mode will default to the Road mode when the ignition is next turned on, if Riding Mode was active the last time it was switched off with ABS and/or traction control set to ‘off’ or Off-road mode.  The rider simply has to select Riding Mode to immediately access their saved setting
before starting their journey. Available on Explorer XRT & XCA.

Without losing any of the crisp lines or technically crafted details that have defined the
distinctive, tough, assertive styling of the Tiger Explorer since it first appeared in 2011,
the new Tiger Explorer family takes that class-defining standard higher by bringing in a
heightened level of contemporary beauty and proportioned muscularity.

Distinctive cut-out features, new-look tank panels and radiator cowls sharpen the lines.
The headlight is neatly surrounded by aesthetically refined cockpit panels that frame
the new electrically adjustable screen – a first-in-class feature – on all but the top-of-the-range Tiger Explorer XRT and Tiger Explorer XCA, which have electrically adjustable
touring screen as standard equipment. The cockpit panels also integrate the upper
front mudguard into the overall design, helping create a fresh, modern, athletic look to
the bikes.

The overall look is further enhanced by wet painted engine covers, contrasted by black
engine cases.

Yet the styling of the new family is far more than cosmetic. It has been conceived to
help add to the performance of the bike and the comfort of the rider. For example, the
cockpit panels improve the aerodynamic performance, helping with fuel efficiency and
making the rider and passenger more comfortable – as does the electrically adjustable
screen. The ducting that plays a part in the fuel tank panels and radiator cowls direct
hot air away from the rider, again adding to their comfort. And the seating and foot
peg positions allow for maximum rider comfort, whether sitting down putting in the
miles, or standing up taking off-road in their stride.


All of the models in the family can be fitted with aluminium rails – standard on the top-of-the-range Tiger Explorer XRT and Tiger Explorer XCA, that take the dedicated
Expedition panniers, and everything a rider could want for the adventure ahead.


The new Tiger Explorer family will be available in Triumph dealerships from April 2016.




On The Road pricing for the new Explorer family is as follows:

Tiger Explorer XR – £11,800
Tiger Explorer XC – £12,200
Tiger Explorer XRx – £13,400 (low seat option available)
Tiger Explorer XCx – £14,200 (low seat option available)
Tiger Explorer XRt – £15,000
Tiger Explorer XCa – £15,800

A price premium will apply on all models for matt and metallic paint finishes.

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