First Ride on the New Triumph Speed Triple R


This afternoon I had the privilege of taking the new 2016 Jack Lilley Romford Triumph Speed Triple R for its first major run.  Doing about 180 miles or so, on drying wet and mud laden , pot holed fast Essex B roads, it was a real world test of the machine.  First impression? Great motorcycle, and much better looking than the outgoing bike. (Though not necessarily better than mine !) Mean and purposeful, with an aggressive ready to rock stance. For the full upgrades you really need to check the Triumph site or JackLilleyLtd but for riding, the first obvious change is the rider modes.

Being a 2008 Speed triple owner myself, rider modes do not feature in my every day ride. But when they are at a touch of a button – Rain, Road, Sport and Track – I had to play. It was hammering down last night so I tried the rain mode. Essentially, it made the power delivery ease gently on as you twisted the throttle reducing the chance of the rear breaking free under the deceptive torque of the 1050 three cylinder engine.

speedromMore controlled, soaking up bumps, hugging the bends and giving perfect feedback. The suspension is great, not too hard, just perfect. The riding position is comfortable, and you sit just low enough to keep out of the wind at speed.

The new bike is significantly better than the previous version and in short, I’m loving it.


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