What’s Your Favourite Burger?

What’s your favourite burger?  Is it your own homemade special recipe or a massive flame-grilled tower burger from a favourite restaurant?  Write in and let us know – send an email to Hugh at h.mcclelland@jacklilley.com preferably with a photo.  Meanwhile, we’ve asked Ken from our Romford store to tell us about his favourite burger.  Here’s what he told us:   

My favourite burger is the incredible “Bikeshed Burger”.

bikeshed_burgerSince its opening in November 2015 this has been my “go to” every time I visit the club. The only way to have the burger is with the Bike Shed home cured bacon. A slice (or more) of the salt cured pork belly absolutely takes your choice into a different league. The burger is built using local sourced ingredients and scratch made on the premises. Even the citrus mayonnaise accompaniment is brewed in the kitchens.

So what do you get? A Brioche Bun is used which imparts a sweetness to the bread that combines beautifully with the homemade slaw, sliced pickle and drizzle of clarified butter which gives the 1st tier a distinctive and rich texture. That’s the top sorted then. The “body” of the burger is the home prepared all beef patty, chargrilled to perfection with a crispy, caramelised bark on it outer shell and succulent soft inner. The next layer is a slice of grilled cheese to bring a hint of acid to the meat. Then comes the bacon! As the bacon is cut from a complete pork belly and grilled on the flat top to order, it’s fresh, crispy and delicious! The obligatory Tomato and Lettuce provides a crunch and a “healthy” nod to those who are trying to justify  to themselves the guilty pleasure of eating the collection of ingredients.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better the whole stack is topped off with a collection of Beer Battered Onion Rings. Absolutely amazing!

bikeshed071A “flower pot” of “Shed Chips” completes the wooden platter and the rest is down to how you eat the offering. My strategy is Pickle, Slaw, Lettuce and Tomato. Then the Onion Rings are next, joining half of the chips being dunked in mayonnaise and tomato ketchup. Then the bacon! This is savoured as a separate experience with just an additional pinch of salt and grind of pepper. Top of the bun then joins the rest which is cut in half and eaten from the edge in! The second half of the chips are then consumed as the story unfolds!

Washed down with a bottle of Erdinger and the fantastic company of like minded and enthusiastic folks this is the perfect “bikey” evening!

Proper hungry now!

Romford RAT will be riding to the Bikeshed on Thursday 31st March to tackle another Bike Shed Burger. Why not come along to experience it with us? Meeting at our Romford dealership, we ride to Shoreditch at 7pm.

NEXT WEEK:  What’s your favourite beer and why?…

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