What’s Your Favourite Piece of Riding Kit?

Following on from last week, when we asked you to tell us about your favourite beer, this week we’re asking the question:  What’s your favourite piece of riding kit?  To get the ball rolling, we asked Hugh from our Ashford branch for his thoughts…

Hugh_Raven_Jacket“That’s an easy one – it has to be my Triumph Raven jacket.  I’ve got a few Triumph jackets and although they’re all good, the Raven is my clear favourite.  Why do I love it so much?  Well for a start it comes with a removable quilted liner.   Zip it in for Winter use and zip it out for Summer – that’s a useful feature.  But the main reason I love it is the style.  I think it’s one of the best jacket designs Triumph have done.  It has that lovely retro ‘cafe racer’ vibe to it and I particularly like the way the leather has been given an ‘aged and distressed’ look too.  Apart from looking cool, it also meant I could easily convince the wife it was actually a secondhand jacket I’d bought from a mate at work – instead of admitting I’d just bought yet another new jacket…”

Tell us what your favourite piece of riding kit is and why – just email h.mcclelland@jacklilley.com.

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