New Triumph Tiger Sport & Explorer

We’ve found some superb promotional photos of the new Triumph Tiger Sport and Tiger Explorer  – just scroll down the page to see them.

The 2016 Tiger Sport comes with Triumph’s signature 1050 Triple engine with 104 changes for more performance, power and torque. New 38% freer flowing silencer and an even better sound. 8% better fuel economy. New torque assist clutch with up to 48% lighter lever action. New rider focused technology including ride-by-wire and three riding modes (road, rain and sport), ABS, new switchable multi-level traction control and cruise control fitted as standard.






The new Tiger Explorer family has been conceived, designed and built to deliver the ultimate go anywhere, do anything transcontinental motorcycle for every adventure rider, wherever they ride.  The 2016 Triumph Explorer is packed full of new rider-focused technology to ensure superb handling stability and control that can be tailored to your personal preference, letting you get the most out of your ride, whether on road, trail or byway.

The Explorer range is divided into two distinct model variants. The XR series are optimised for road use, while the XC models thrive in more rugged terrain, but both are equally happy when the roles are reversed.













For more information on the 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport and 2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer or to book a test ride, just call our sales team on either 01784 420421 (Ashford) or 01708 752111 (Romford).

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