Triumph Day at the Ace Cafe

One of our customers, David Gill, took these photos at the annual Triumph Day event at the Ace Cafe last weekend. He met a group of riders that had travelled down from Sheffield, Barnsley and Retford specifically for the Ace Cafe event, staying overnight in a local Travelodge in nearby Wembley.

DSC_6363 copy

One of the riders, Pete Brown (rider of the blue and white Bonneville Newchurch pictured), explained that this was an annual pilgrimage for the group “This is our 4th year.  As we are RAT members the Triumph Day is important and also the culture associated with the Ace Cafe.  Plus it’s the annual chance to buy cheap merchandise from the Jack Lilley stand”.


Also in the group was Lynn Ravenhill, riding the red Thruxton called ‘Scarlet’ pictured above.  It was Lynn’s first visit to the Ace Cafe Triumph Day.  She told David a bit more about her bike “I got Scarlet in July last year.  She’s had one previous owner and at 6 years old she only had 1300 miles on the clock.  It was love at first sight!  I’m very lucky she is an all-British bike built at Hinckley using all British parts even down to the clocks.  She rides like a dream and handles beautifully.  The seat was specially commissioned for me with her name embroidered on it.”


Despite the poor weather, the Triumph Day was a success and attracted a strong turnout of Triumph riders.  As Pete Brown said, “We come because we feel special – part of a big family with one cause: to ride Triumphs”.



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