Meet The Team! It’s Hugh McClelland

HUGH1We’re running a short series of ‘Meet The Team’ articles, in which we find out a bit more about our staff members and the sort of thing they get up to in their spare time.  We asked Hugh McClelland, (marketing for both branches)  a few questions…

Q/ Tell us a bit about your current bike (s):

A/ I’ve got a 2002 Triumph TT600 which I’ve had for about a year.  I love this bike as it’s quite rare and unusual – they were only made for a couple of years.  I’m also looking out for a 500/600cc trail bike to keep it company in the garage.

Q/ Do you have any particular hobbies / interests?

A/ My main interest is music, particularly playing guitar. I play lead guitar in a rockabilly band called The Beyonders – we’ve performed at the Jack Lilley Christmas party the last 2 years.  I’ve also got a massive collection of vinyl records and 3 record players including a 1965 HMV which sounds awesome.  I used to be into 70s cars (see photos) although lack of time means I’ve put that interest on the back burner for now.

Q/ Any past projects or achievements?

A/ I built a bass guitar last year. It’s a replica of a famous brand (see photo)…

Q/ Tell us a few things most people don’t know about you…

1/ I once worked as a part-time wine waiter (despite knowing nothing about wine).
2/ I was a child model for kids fashion catalogues / magazines.
3/ I cut my own hair!






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