The Great Escape – on a Bonneville T100

We’ve been running a series of ‘1st bike’ photos which we publish every Thursday for ‘Throwback Thursday’.  You might remember last week, we published a 1970s photo of Mikey Gregg’s very rare (even then) Cossack Voskhod 175.  Mikey has since sent us these photos of his current bike – a Bonneville T100 Black that he’s had since September 2014.

With the help of his local dealer he turned the T100 into his version of Steve McQueen’s classic ‘Great Escape’ bike.  After some research, he discovered that the hut used in the movie was still standing, so he made plans to ride down to Pfronten to find the elusive hut.

Mikey explains: “After a bit of digging I found the exact location. We crossed from Hull to Zeebrugge and rode the Romantic Castle route through Germany and found the hut in Pfronten. We also found the jump site and the spot where Steve kicked the German before riding off.  We then rode into Austria to see some of the places my Dad was stationed in WW2, ending in a climb to the top of the Grossglockner pass.  Then we rode back up the other side of Germany and home. We’d ridden 2000 miles in 2 weeks.”


Mikey and his bike next to the hut in Pfronten.



Mikey Gregg’s Great Escape Bonneville T100 Black

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