Meet The Team! It’s Roy Wigley

Roy_WigleyWe’re running a short series of ‘Meet The Team’ articles, in which we find out a bit more about our staff members and the sort of thing they get up to in their spare time.  We asked Roy Wigley, (mail order)  a few questions…

Q/ Tell us a bit about your current bike (s):

A/ No bike at the moment, but my past bikes include 2 x Honda MBX125FEs, Honda CG125, Kawasaki GPX250R, Kawasaki KLR250, Kawasaki ZZR600, Kawasaki KH125K3 and a Yamaha TDR 250.

Q/ Do you have any particular hobbies / interests?

A/ I love riding rollercoasters.

Q/ Any recent projects or achievements?

A/ Last weekend I took my dog Harvey (and a friend’s dog, Mungo) to a ‘Dog Funday’ event. There were 6 teams with 4 dogs per team and we had to compete in agility, obedience, tricks and ring craft.  At the end of the day all the scores were added up and believe it or not we actually came…1st!!

Q/ Tell us something most people don’t know about you…

My right leg is 7/8″ shorter than my left!


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