Tridays Tour 2016 Videos

Record-breaking adventure rider Rhys Lawrey (aka 2MoroRider) recently returned from the Tridays Tour in Austria with Globebusters.

Rhys joined the group of riders to cover 930 miles from the UK to Austria where the biggest Triumph Event took place – TriDays 2016. Rhys has loaded the first 4 episodes of the Official TriDays Tour onto his YouTube channel.  You can watch all of these plus the ‘teaser’ video by clicking on the links below.

More episodes will follow in due course. GlobeBusters have announced that the 2017 tour dates are now confirmed so Rhys will be joining the Official GlobeBusters TriDays Tour next year once again.

Teaser Video:
Episode One:
Episode Two:
Episode Three:
Episode Four:
Episode Five:
Episode Six:

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