Street Triple R in Brazil

We’ve been asking you to send in photos of your first bike.  Well here’s a couple of photos from a Marcelo Zimmer, a Triumph rider from Brazil.  He says “My motorcyclist history is quite a new one. It started back in 2014 when I first bought a new to date Street Triple R. When ‘never is too late’, I was 37 at that time.  Had a wonderful start and put 7500 km on it during the next 7 months without a single issue, I mean a crash. Then I upgraded to a Speed Triple, 2014 as well, which is now with 18500 km on the odometer. Love is the word when I talk about them, very nice rides!  Thanks for reading and best regards from Brazil.”

Marcelo Zimmer



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One thought on “Street Triple R in Brazil

  1. Wow, I was thinking of a pic on Twitter and got a story here. That’s really cool!!
    Thanks for reading guys and, btw, the little girl on the pillion is Letícia, my sweet daughter!

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