A Unique Triumph Speedmaster

One of our customers, Tony Warren, recently had his Speedmaster custom-painted to create a truly unique bike.  Tony explains:  “The idea around the painting of this bike was to pay tribute to my family. My Father (deceased) was a navigator ( bombers) in the RAF during WW2 and so the bike has been painted in the colour scheme of a WW2 Merlin engined Bomber. The exhausts are Merlin engine . My father’s RAF serial number has been painted on to the front mudguard.

“My Mum’s name was Ivy (also sadly. Deceased), so I have had trailing Ivy airbrushed onto the rear fender. The letters aside the RAF roundel on the side panel represent the the first letter of the first name of my kids – Leanne, Scott, Samantha and Matt . The little L at the beginning is in honour of my late son Lee who sadly passed when he was just 13 months old. The bike’s name is Suzy, (my wife’s name ) and this name is painted on the top of the tank . The bike will be ridden in honour of those past and present.”




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