Triumph Bonneville Bobber – Close-Up Photos and Colours

Here’s some close-up shots of the new Bonneville Bobber showing some of the fine details of the new bike including the neat hidden monoshock rear suspension and the beautifully crafted floating seat.  We’ve also included 4 photos showing the colour options for the Bobber: Jet Black, Morello Red, Ironstone (matt) or 2-tone Competition Green with Frozen Silver.














Bonneville Bobber in Jet Black


Bonneville Bobber in Competition Green / Frozen Silver


Bonneville Bobber in Ironstone (matt)


Bonneville Bobber in Morello Red

The Bobber will be available around March 2017.  However you can order your new Bobber now with a guide price of £10,500.00. For more information, just give our sales team a call on either 01784 420421 (Ashford) or 01708 752111 (Romford).


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3 thoughts on “Triumph Bonneville Bobber – Close-Up Photos and Colours

  1. With a guide price of £10,500 that’s the end of that , Since there return to the marketplace with an amazing range of high-quality motorcycles the Bonneville SE America speedmaster and thruxton all at a reasonable affordable price , When we had the downturn in the economy Triumph was the only company she growth in sales , being able to buy my America for $6500 That being $2 to 3,000 less it’s closest competitor made my many of my friends decisions a lot easier and now 45,000 miles later it’s time for me to replace it , But the new pricing ?

  2. I do not think that price is out of line. Normally the cost is around the cc’s. 1200cc, ABS, and other features and it looks like you will not have to modify anything for performance. I have a 2005 America in Green and love the color, but for some reason the colors don’t appeal to me on the Bobber. A gold or copper tank would look good on this me thinks.

    • I didn’t say the price was out of line , I have no doubt it’s worth every penny, but £10k or $15k is a long way from the $6800 to $7600 we were paying for the triumph bonneville series that made the bike popular for everybody who couldn’t afford a Harley but wanted something just as special , The fact that Triumph scored a home run with its bikes and continued to have growth through the years 2006 /2012 when all others were loosing business This was due to the amazing design price and quality!
      Triumph has moved its prices up to the Harley range where as many company’s have manufactured bikes to compete with the success of the Triumph, Ducati’s scrambler and Hondas 1300cc Fury both costing under $10k , and there are many more,
      So triumph are moving on, no longer an affordable fun machine , but an expensive serious motorcycle. sad

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