Triumph Tiger 800 range explained

The Triumph Tiger 800 Range Explained…

With a 6-model line-up in the range, the Triumph Tiger 800 truly offers something for all riders.  This article explains the essential differences between the specifications of each model in the Triumph Tiger range. You can click on any photo or link to find a more detailed description.

The Tiger 800 range comprises 3 road-orientated machines (XR, XRX, XRT) and 3 bikes with a more off-road focus (XC, XCX, XCA).  Low-Seat versions of the mid-range XRX and XCX are also available.

All Tigers come with Triumph’s triple-cylinder 800cc engine which punches out 95PS / 94BHP @9,250 rpm / 79Nm torque @ 7,850 rpm.  The engine has been developed to give a 17% increase in fuel economy over the preceding model (65mpg in mixed use) giving a tank range of 272 miles.

The XR and XC (and all other models in the new Tiger range) come fitted with ‘Ride by Wire’ throttle system (smoother, lighter), Traction Control & Switchable ABS as standard on all models.  ABS is switchable between road and off-road settings (or can be switched off altogether).


Triumph Tiger XR

Triumph Tiger XC

Triumph Tiger XC

The XR models come fitted with a 19” x 2.5” front wheel and 17” x 4.25” rear.  43mm Showa suspension is fitted with 180mm travel at the front and 170mm at the back (with adjustable preload).

XC models come fitted with spoked wheels – 21” x 2.5” at the front and 17” x 4.25” at the rear.  43mm WP suspension is fitted with 220mm travel at the front and 215mm at the back (with adjustable preload & rebound). The XC model comes fitted with a radiator guard.

Moving up the range – the XRX and XCX:

Triumph Tiger XRX

Triumph Tiger XRX

Triumph Tiger XCX

Triumph Tiger XCX

The XRX and XCX are the mid-range models with a number of advanced features and specification over the standard models.

Cruise control
Enhanced trip computer display
Self-cancelling indicators
Additional power socket
Comfort rider & passenger seats
Adjustable screen
New handguards
Centre stand
XCX ONLY: Engine bars & ally sump guard

Traction control on the XRX and XCX is switchable between road and off-road settings (or can be switched off altogether). These models also feature 3 riding modes: Road / Off Road / Rider Mode.  These modes offer different combinations of throttle map, ABS and Traction Control). The ‘Rider Mode’ setting allows you to select from Rain / Road / Sport / Off-Road throttle map settings as well as configuring the ABS and Traction Control to suit you riding style.

Top of the range models – the XRT & XCA:

Triumph Tiger XRT

Triumph Tiger XRT

Triumph Tiger XCA

Triumph Tiger XCA

These range-topping Tigers come with all the features of the XRX or XCX but add the following extras:

Ally radiator guard
Heated grips and seats
3rd power socket
Aux fog lights
590w Alternator (normally 476w)
Ally pannier rails
GPS mounting kit
XCA ONLY: CNC machined rider footrests
XRT ONLY: Tyre pressure monitoring system / CNC machined rear brake reservoir

ABS options explained:
On/Off on XR & XC. Other models:
Off / On (Road) / Off-Road (disables ABS to rear and allows limited slip front).

Prevents wheelspin by cutting torque. ‘Off Road’ allows increased rear-wheel slip.

THROTTLE MAPS (not on XR or XC models):
Throttle maps offer full power but with different throttle openings required for same response. The 4 options are:
Road (standard)
Rain (reduces throttle response)
Sport (increases throttle response)
Off-Road (optimised for off-road use)

The 2 low-seat varients feature the following:

XRX LOW – ally sump guard instead of comfort seat & centre stand
Seat height 760-780mm (usually 810-830mm)

XCX LOW – Same spec as XCX but no centre stand
Seat height 790-810mm (usually 840-860mm)

Call our sales team on either 01784 420421 (Ashford branch) or 01708 752111 (Romford branch) for more information about the latest Triumph range.

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