Latest Triumph Clothing Range

Triumph have introduced some fantastic new designs for their new Spring / Summer 2017 clothing range. Here’s a selection of some of our favourite items from the latest range.  Just click on any photo to find out more or visit our online store to see the full range of Triumph clothing.

mbts17570_foxton-boot_794_hrp Foxton Boot mbts17316_stoke-boot_785_hrp Stoke Boot
mbts17317_dadlington-boot_776_hrp Dadlington Boot route Route Gloves
mlhs17111_mcqueen-jacket_3q_854_hrp McQueen Jacket mlhs17320_raven-2-tan-jacket_f_070_hrp Raven 2 Tan Jacket
mlls17110_ladies-andorra-jacket_f_143_hrp Ladies Andorra Jacket mlss17013_caffrey-shirt_f_453_hrp Caffrey Shirt
msws17008_lewin-hoodie_f_469_hrp Lewin Hoodie msws17020_kentville-hoodie_f_604_hrp Kentville Hoodie
msws17026_cindy-zip-thru_f_627_hrp Cindy Zip-Thru mtps17104_fosse-jacket_3q_911_hrp-colour-adjusted Fosse Jacket
mtss17027_annabelle-tee_f_514_hrp Annabelle Tee mtss17023_creston_tee_f_361_hrp Creston Tee
sarah Sarah Ladies Shirt mtss17049_smith-tee_f_425_hrp Smith Tee
mtss17010_virden-tee_f_401_hrp Virden Tee mtss17031_-aston_tee_f_395_hrp Aston Tee

For more information on the Triumph clothing range, call our sales team on either 01784 420421 (Ashford branch) or 01708 752111 (Romford branch).

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