Hedon and Bell Helmets

We’ve recently started stocking a range of Bell Helmets at our Ashford branch, an iconic brand we chose specifically because of its heritage and reputation. The Bell helmet is a modern classic, which is why we felt the brand was the perfect choice to sell alongside our Triumph motorcycles. Meanwhile at our Romford branch, we’ve started stocking Hedon helmets – a very cool young brand of handcrafted, high-quality helmets available in a vast range of colours and finishes.


Bell Cruiser Bullitt in  Solid Black


Bell Custom 500 in Matt Black


Bell Cruiser Custom 500


Bell Custom 500 Independent


Bell Moto 3 Candy


Bell MX-9 MIPS in Matt Black


Bell Cruiser Custom 500


Bell Bullitt in White


Hedon Hedonist in Teal


Hedon Hedonist Empress (Pearl White and Cherry)


Hedon Hedonist, Rouge

For more information about Bell of Hedon helmets, just call our friendly team on either 01784 420421 (Ashford branch) or 01708 752111 (Romford branch).

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