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Triumph Metisse on display

Welcome to the blog page for Jack Lilley Triumph.  We decided to set up these pages to complement our website and our other social media channels (see links below) as a place to publish articles and stories that might otherwise be too long or in other ways unsuited for publication elsewhere.

For example, our Facebook and Twitter posts tend to be short and sweet, whereas on here we have the time and space to expound and go into more detail. The plan is to turn these pages into an informal motorcycle-themed online magazine which you can return to again and again.

We will be updating the blog on a regular (almost daily) basis so you can be sure the content will always be fresh and interesting.

To kick things off, we’ve arranged the content broadly into several categories:  News, Bike Reviews, Bike Stories, Special Offers and History.  That last one is important to us as we have a long history dating back to 1959 and we have plenty of great biking stories and photos going back through the years.  We were also one of the first appointed UK Triumph dealers when the brand relaunched in 1991, so we have known the ‘new’ Triumph range throughout the entire run of models from day one.

So we hope you enjoy reading our blog and come back to it on a regular basis.  We also look forward to seeing you in one of our showrooms soon, where you’ll be sure of a warm welcome from our friendly and experienced team.  We’d love you to follow us on our social media pages too – just click on any of the links below to take a closer look.


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